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          1. Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers, Says NATO Was Formed “So They Could Treat Us Badly”

            253The Pie Overlord!
            2 minutes ago
            They define "pro-choice violence" as performing an abortion procedure. — Apple Pie Overlord (@Pie_Overlord) February 11, 2020

            The impeached president of the United States was at it again today, in a meeting with US governors, launching into bizarre boastful rants on subjects he knows nothing about; Trump says, “The European Union was really formed so they could treat us badly.” He didn’t make up this conspiracy theory …

            Bluegrass Against the Machine: Rising Appalachia: Tiny Desk Concert

            255Anymouse ????
            1 day, 23 hours ago
            Coach (not a coach after he was fired over leading prayers with his high school team) Dave Daubenmire has settled on how much money he wants from the NFL, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Pepsi for daring to broadcast such a ...

            The Bob Cesca Podcast: We’re a Bunch of Suckers

            95Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
            3 days, 16 hours ago
            re: #56 Backwoods_Sleuth Yep, the Base is morally degenerate. This is not a case of slimy manipulators misleading the well-intentioned but simple-minded rubes. The rubes are as slimy as the hucksters, which actually fits with con-artist tradition since prehistoric times, ...

            VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He’ll Vote to Convict Trump

            4 days, 22 hours ago
            re: #372 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior) I was in the Senate office buildings today and Rand Paul walked right by me and I said "Outing the whistleblower was shameful!" He didn't respond. I'd like to mention that his Senate office is the ...

            Colbert on the GOP’s Incredibly Lame Excuses for Voting Against Witnesses in the Trump Impeachment Trial

            334So Cal Greek Hippie
            6 days, 1 hour ago
            21st Century Doors I saw the 21st Century Doors at LA Universal Amphitheater,with Ian Astbury from The Cult in the Jim Morrison (Morrison Hotel) role and Stewart Copeland from The Police in the John Densmore role, along with Manzarak and ...
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